I’ve had enough of everybody’s bullshit. Let’s all leave each other alone, fight our battles alone and not soak each other with each other’s misery


I hear it all. I see it all.
Gets harder to understand how capable you are of being such evil.
The worst kind.
The one that holds prayers close to heart. And obliges everyone to abide by these empty Sunday rituals.
Behind all these shit is your manipulative scheming attitude.
You see only the bad in every person. Strangers and those ‘dear’ to you.
You wallow in every good word thrown at you.
These words reenergize you and assures you that you’re indeed on top of everyone else.
The possessive and selfish kind of evil.
Self centered and self-righteous.
You know nothing of the pain you inflict.
It’s disgusting this blood we share

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